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"I am light years away from where I was when I started the Healing Hackers! I know how to heal and how to heal in a safe way. I'm learning to love myself again, to let my authentic self shine, and to thrive in my newfound confidence. Alex and Healing Hackers were one of the greatest gifts I gave myself this past year. I know can honestly say I've grown in my feelings of self-love, self-worth, and confidence."


"I learned that even though I did have trauma as a kid, I no longer needed those to define me. I never thought that it would be possible to feel at peace with the direction my life has been going, but this program truly helped me realize that I deserve the life I want! Alex is an inspiration and she put together an amazing system to help YOU live the life YOU deserve!"


"I have made significant progress and have the tools I need to help me be more mindful about my emotional state, the people and things that are negatively impacting my life, healing from past wounds and focusing on what I need to be happier and love myself. I am more confident and have already started forming a circle of friends. My people pleasing tendencies were put into check and I am now more aware of how I might be enabling others to control my life. My marriage is more of a priority and we are facing our issues and working together to communicate our values, fears and wounds we would like to heal together."


"It's like coming out of the Matrix. This work really works & the change within me feels stable. Im not worried about slipping back into my old patterns."


"I’ve just joined and began the foundations of healing. I finished Call 2 and that was the best introductory breakdown of Fight, Flight, Fawn and Freeze. I’m understanding them better and understanding my different states better."


My Clients are Saying...

Get a sneak peek into the program...

It’s time to mend the wounds from your past & unlock a love life that sets your heart ablaze!

A life where you wake up next to your person, feeling total peace & excited to do life together!

Let me guess...

You've heard people say “time heals all wounds”
But despite your efforts & time passing, you’re not feeling much better.

You’re stuck in the never ending cycle of: 
binging content on toxic narc-y relationships 
reading countless books
& tuning into podcasts

while hoping, wishing, & praying that somehow you’ll figure out how to finally feel whole within yourself & attract your soulmate, but that day still hasn’t come. 

So what if I handed you a proven, no-nonsense roadmap to heal at warp 🛸 speed so that you can wave goodbye to unhealthy situationships & make your dream relationship your new reality? 

Yes, Healing Hackers is that transformative, and isn't it about time you took the plunge into a love life that's electrifyingly extraordinary? Isn’t it about time you had the make your toes curl type of love story?"

Would you commit to the journey?

I'M IN!!!

An evidence based approach to healing the abandonment & betrayal wounds from toxic narcissistic relationships so that you rewire your nervous system for healthy conscious relationships & step into peace, confidence & clarity!

My signature Hack Your Healing Journey is 3 steps:

Heal the Nervous System: Break free from survival mode, find inner peace, & shed symptoms like anxiety, rumination, feeling stuck, addiction, depression, and people-pleasing.

Feel Deep Emotions: Through Somatic Experiencing & Internal Family Systems (IFS), fully process past relationship emotions, liberating your subconscious from limiting beliefs.

Reveal Your Authentic Self: Reconnect with your true essence, embody authenticity, and nurture radical confidence, becoming a magnet for your soul-aligned love."

Hack Your Healing Journey

✧ Being triggered AF, lost in the emotional sauce & taking it days for you to snap back to feeling like yourself

✧ The ruminating thoughts that play in your head on repeat causing intense confusion & self-doubt

✧ Ignoring your own needs & giving at the expense of yourself. People pleaser much?

✧ Second guessing your intuition & confusing it with anxiety, only to find out in hindsight you were right?!

What if you stopped...

✧ A champ at processing your emotions & triggers. It takes you minutes to soothe & refocus instead of days! 

✧ Clear minded, positive & inspired because you LOVE who you are at your core & aren’t afraid to show it

✧ Strong in your boundaries, your "no", & you meet your own needs 1st without shame or guilt

✧ Able to confidently recognize your intuition from anxiety & take aligned action immediately! 

That's the life I will help you create.

And instead you felt so confident in your own skin, that you’re...

LET's go

I hear you & I get it.

You’re done with toxic relationship cycles & are ready for the love story of your lifetime.

BUT your mind is racing & wondering what are the steps you need to take to get you back on track & to finally call in the partner that your soul is longing for.

The path to your "happily ever after", is by becoming the partner you desire to attract first.

We are the common denominator of our lives, so when we shift into the higher version of ourselves by healing & implementing new skills, we ATTRACT what we desire into our reality.

✨ My program gives you the steps to take one by one

✨ It is simply up to YOU to take them.

I'm ready!

The people who have joined this program have taken back control of their love lives & are 





One monthly LIVE zoom call with Alex to co-regulate your nervous system with your fellow Healing Hackers, get your questions answered & utilize hot seat coaching to work through any blocks coming up (VALUE: $300)

Exclusive “how to” trainings that teach you how to master regulating your nervous system, track your triggers, tap into trauma informed manifesting & develop radical self love (VALUE: $100) Click here to get a sneak peek!!

A private self-guided & self-paced online course portal providing you with the tools necessary for your healing journey (VALUE: $300)

Virtual workshops each quarter with guest experts & cutting edge healers on topics like: cycle syncing, gut health, nutrition, & fitness so that you have a holistic healing experience (VALUE: $500)

A content library with hours of pre-recorded teachings, workshops and guided meditations (VALUE: $700)

A private community for you to connect with your fellow hackers, catch the replay of zoom calls, ask questions & celebrate wins! (VALUE: PRICELESS)

Exclusive discounted rate to ALL LIVE programs while membership is active

Use Klarna or Afterpay for payment plan options! 

Total Value:


3 Months



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for survivors of narcissistic parents or narcissistic partners?

BOTH! I have had both a narc mom & a narc ex, so my Healing Hackers program is designed to help survivors of narcissistic abuse from either a parent or partner, or if you’re like me BOTH! The steps to the healing process are the same, & on our live zoom calls we can dig into any specific questions or support you need.

I want this but I can't afford it...

I SOOO get that it is scary to invest in yourself, but what is scarier is staying stuck in anxiety, depression, & people pleasing patterns that only continue the cycles you are wanting to get out of... The question to ask yourself is, "can I afford to NOT do this?" & "What is the cost of staying the same?" The money will always come back to you. Your inner peace, self-love, self-worth, & self-respect will not just magically happen. PLUS you can now use Klarna & Afterpay to create a customized payment plan for your needs!

What if I'm super busy & short on time?

No worries, I get it. You're a busy person, who has their own sh*t to do! ALL modules are self paced, & the monthly LIVE Zoom call is recorded & placed in our community for you to watch on your own time! There is also a Q&A thread for you to submit your questions in case you can’t make it to the live call.

What if I've tried all the things. How is this program different from others?

I mix evidence based techniques like EMDR, Somatic Experiencing & Internal Family systems with spiritual methods to provide a healing system that resonates with YOUR specific body & mind because healing is NOT one size fits all. Many of my competitors do not teach regulating the nervous system (aka emotional regulation) which is what allows us to actually exit survival mode & change our lives by "reprogramming" from the inside out. Without the nervous system work we return to our "default" habits, mindsets, & beliefs, which is why many have tried therapy or other coaches & feel they haven't made progress. My clients regularly report back that within 4-6 weeks they feel like a different person due to the nervous system work we do!

What results can I expect?

Your results are based on the action you take. I can guarantee that if you implement the strategies & exercises given in this program, your life WILL CHANGE, & you will feel secure, whole & at peace within yourself. I extensively cover evidence based methods for self healing, developing self-love, embracing your authentic self & managing emotions & survival states with ease. I also utilize some "woo woo" spiritual tactics to further promise your chances of success & embodiment of the principles taught within Healing Hackers. As long as you are open-minded, coachable, & eager for change, I promise you throughout this program you will feel more peaceful, happier, & confident than when you came into it!

My Story

7 years ago when I found myself on the floor of my Costa Mesa apartment in a puddle of tears, I did not know how I was gonna get back up & mend the pieces of my heart THIS TIME… yet AGAIN.

But deep down there was a little spark ⚡️ a little piece of me that KNEW there was more to know & learn about wtf I just put myself through.

So I started researching narcissism, I was determined to know EVERYTHINGGGG there was to know about this personality disorder that just turned my life upside down. And guess what I discovered?

I have a parent who checks every box on the list of the DSM 5 (the fancy manual psychiatrists use to diagnose narcissism)…

My jaw hit the floor - now this made sense.

I didn’t recognize the red flags of narcissism because all of the behaviors were normalized throughout my childhood by my narcissistic parent. 😱

The good news was this…

I knew that meant that if I confronted my childhood wounds then my current external world would beautifully transform into the life that I so desired for myself…

And I had the sheer will power, determination, & stubbornness (ha😅) to heal… NOTHING was getting in my way.

And I did it. I dove into my inner world, like jumping off the high dive at the local swimming pool.

Feet first & with my nose plugged aka terrified & wanting to avoid as much discomfort as possible…

After 7 years of studying & implementing in my own life, I now have the honor to help survivors of narcissistic abuse heal their hearts, develop authentic confidence, & date smart so that they can enjoy life to the fullest & experience true unconditional love.

*Certified & trauma informed. I use a blend of somatic experiencing, Internal Family Systems (parts work), EMDR & other modalities to offer clients a safe container to process trauma that is a good fit for their own unique system

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