Private Coaching


For the person who has started their healing journey & is ready to go DEEPER into the healing work so that they stop people pleasing, heal their anxiety, & develop unshakeable confidence!


Like your emotions are all over the place & lead you to making poor decisions in your love life

Like you constantly have to chase & prove your worth in every relationship

Responsible for other people's bad behaviors

Like you aren't good enough, pretty enough, funny enough, smart enough, or sexy enough to have the partner that you truly desire

Afraid to speak up for your needs, desires & set boundaries

Frustrated that you're attracted to people who are emotionally unavailable, afraid to commit, & end up playing you

Ready to develop unshakeable self-love, self-respect, & feel confident AF

This if for you if you feel...

The Proof is in the Pudding!

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"I have gained a whole lot of self confidence, I have been able to push myself to do things that are for me and bring back the focus on myself rather than focusing so much of my energy on relationships. Alex, your 1:1 coaching program has been everything I could ask for and more. I came to you desperate to heal old wounds and learn how to love myself again. Not only did you teach me tangible tools and techniques that I can use day to day but you helped me dig deep and soothe the inner child that was crying out to be loved. Prior to this coaching program I had done a tonne of counseling but never have I had someone invest so much in me as their client. You brought me self awareness and healing I didn't think was possible. This coaching program is truly life changing and I'm so so glad I found you!"


"I accomplished more with Alex in 2 sessions than I did in 2 months with my previous counselor. I ended my sessions with him and worked with Alex exclusively. And if we are being honest? I accomplished more in 12 weeks with Alex than I did in 5 years of therapy with 3 different therapists. I have tools to regulate my nervous system. My self awareness is authentic (I'm not letting others influence or manipulate me). I know why my own toxic traits were influencing my choices. And IF I get a trigger? I can get thru it. You saved my life and got me to believe in my self again. I will never ever forget all you inspired me to do. You gave me hope. Sending much love!!"


"I came to Alex to know how to navigate the effects of narcissistic abuse and heal from it. I now have a better awareness of my personal identity and self love. I have many tools Alex taught me and can still access after the sessions are over that help me manage and lessen my anxiety and I can regulate my responses better. Alex has a wonderful teaching connection. She understood how I listened, so she adopted her skills so I could understand better. You get what you pay for and Alex’s coaching is worth the weight in gold. I highly recommend her. She set me on my path of healing and self love. Best money I have ever spent to help myself."


"Alex's coaching program opens up doors and opportunities for healing you never knew existed. She will get you moving forward and confronting your issues head on after the first session. Seriously... I saw progress in some of my issues after just one week. I was stuck on autopilot for longer than I realized and didn't know how to move forward. Alex's guidance and compassionate, personalized coaching allowed me to gain new understanding of myself, what I was capable of and the tools I needed to move forward with confidence. I now recognize how truly important it is to practice mindfulness and self reflection in a fast-paced world. I do not regret investing in myself. I was able to nurture past wounds, heal my relationships, make new friends, gain confidence, and progress my marriage – all in a few short months. Thank you Alex!"


Private Coaching Program

6 zoom sessions (1 per week) to go deep into the healing work together & get any lingering resistances or blocks out of the way

Private Geneva portal and daily private texting & voice chat coaching support between our sessions from Monday-Friday 10am-5pm pacific so that as you move through the integration work you can send me any questions & I can continue to coach you through the process outside of zoom

Access to my entire Healing Hackers course & any live program, masterclass, workshop, or bootcamp that I host during 2024, you will have access to so that you jump into your healing journey in a holistic way. Everything from healing trauma to developing self love & self trust, I’ve got you covered.

For the person who has started their healing journey and is ready to go deeper into the healing work so that they stop people pleasing, heal their anxiety, and develop unshakeable confidence!








3 payments of $925


Welcome & First Session

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Submit your application & schedule our first 30 minute consultation using the form below. During our consultation, we will develop a custom coaching plan for your healing journey and answer any questions you may have. 

Transformation Begins

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Then we will get you set up with all the resources you need to get started on this journey!

We will have 9 sessions over the course of three months and keep in touch via Voxer throughout the week.


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