Are you Ready to Heal From Narcissistic Relationships & Reclaim Your Life?!

Romance Rehab takes you through the entire recovery process from exiting survival mode, healing triggers, reclaiming your authentic self & energetically aligning yourself for healthy relationships moving forward!

I'm ready to heal!

What if you could finally break free from your narcissistic ex and no longer feel controlled?

It’s time to learn how to heal from the trauma you’ve experienced in your narcissistic relationship and align yourself for healthy relationships inside my signature program, Romance Rehab.

After Completing Romance Rehab, You'll...

♡ Be able to free yourself from the bondage to narcissistic relationships instead of feeling stuck in the narcissistic cycle

♡ Find inner peace & no longer be disrupted by the narcissist in your life

♡ Finally start living life on your terms with healthy boundaries & honoring your "no"

♡ Know how to attract the kind of love and relationships you actually desire and become a magnet for soul aligned love.

♡ Have a deep sense of self-trust which will lead to unshakeable self-love so that you feel secure within yourself instead of feeling worthless or lonely while chasing relationships that don't serve you

♡ Know how to recognize your dream relationship when it comes your way.


Knowing you’re worthy of real, genuine love, feeling at peace inside your own body, and no longer feeling hung up on your narcissistic ex or doubting what you should do to move forward.

Whether you’re already on your healing journey or you’ve finally decided you need to take a huge step in the healing direction, you’re in the right place.

I help you heal from narcissistic trauma & feel confident to be your authentic self so that you can exit survival mode, stop codependency, & attract soul aligned relationships

Just Imagine...


Don't Just Take it From Me...

It's time to break free from narcissistic relationships for good

I'm in!

You think talking or venting about the narcissistic relationship will help you to heal, but science shows us that this actually is retraumatizing

Here’s the reality: Taking time to feel the discomfort of the feelings you’ve been avoiding is the best way to heal from your narcissistic abuse trauma

You don’t think a program will work for you so you’re not willing to try

Here’s the reality: This mindset is keeping you stuck in self-sabotage. Healing won't happen without the proper tools & support. In my group programs my clients make insane progress because we start with the nervous system & then move forward with evidence based modalities like EMDR, Somatic Experiencing & Internal Family Systems (parts work)





Here’s what you might not know about what it takes to heal from a narcissistic relationship...

Join Romance Rehab & Get...

Day 1: Welcome, Set Intentions, How to use the program

Day 2: Understanding Trauma, How Trauma Lives in the Body & How To Exit Survival Mode with Nervous System Regulation

Day 3: EMDR & Somatic Experiencing Day 1

Day 4: EMDR & Somatic Experiencing Day 2

Day 5: Types of Narcissism & How to Spot the Early Signs

Day 6: Types Of Boundaries & Embodying Your "No"

Day 7: Rewiring your Nervous System For Healthy Conscious Love

Day 8: Q&A

This Program Includes:

Romance Rehab

 start healing from narcissistic relationships and align yourself for healthy relationships

A private course portal with LIFETIME access to review the materials as much as you want!

8 days of recorded lessons that takes you through exiting survival mode, healing the nervous system, EMDR & Somatic Experiencing to process trauma, & somatic meditations to align yourself to healthy conscious partnerships!

Downloadable worksheets, prompts, & tapping scripts to help guide you through the healing journey!

3 Month Access to a private community OFF social media so that you can ask questions, celebrate wins, & support your fellow narcissistic relationship survivors!

I'm IN!




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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've tried all the things. How is this program different from others?

I mix evidence based techniques like EMDR, Somatic Experiencing & Internal Family systems with spiritual methods to provide a healing system that resonates with YOUR specific body & mind because healing is NOT one size fits all. Many of my competitors do not teach regulating the nervous system (aka emotional regulation) which is what allows us to actually exit survival mode & change our lives by "reprogramming" from the inside out. Without the nervous system work we return to our "default" habits, mindsets, & beliefs, which is why many have tried therapy or other coaches & feel they haven't made progress. My clients regularly report back that within 4-6 weeks they feel like a different person due to the nervous system work we do!

What results can I expect?

Your results are based on the action you take. I can guarantee that if you implement the strategies & exercises given in this program, your life WILL CHANGE, & you will feel secure, whole & at peace within yourself. I extensively cover evidence based methods for self healing, developing self-love, embracing your authentic self & managing emotions & survival states with ease. I also utilize some "woo woo" spiritual tactics to further promise your chances of success & embodiment of the principles taught within Healing Hackers. As long as you are open-minded, coachable, & eager for change, I promise you throughout this program you will feel more peaceful, happier, & confident than when you came into it!

Hi, I'm Alex!

I’m your go-to Narcissistic Abuse Healing Coach but before we go any further there’s something I need to admit…

It wasn’t long ago I hit rock bottom after my relationship with my narcissistic ex and that rock bottom bled into all areas of my life.

After I decided to make the bold decision and call it quits from my narcissistic relationship, I was exhausted.

I was tired from relationships and didn’t have the self-love to know how to attract an aligned partner much less feel happy single. I was constantly complaining to my friends because the pain from the relationship left me feeling lost, confused, and alone.

That’s when I realized something…

The common denominator of all my failed relationships was…me and it had me wondering:

Why’d I choose my narcissistic ex in the first place?

I did some heavy self-reflection and realized I had a narcissistic parent and because of that conditioning it led me to choose unhealthy relationships and narcissistic partners. I knew if I didn’t do something about it, I’d keep repeating this same cycle over and over again.

I decided to make a change and accept the responsibility of healing myself and my actions so I could finally attract healthy partners and relationships into my life.

Now, I help others just like you who are suffering from narcissistic relationships in their life find healing, support, confidence, and self-love.

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