It's time to reclaim your life.

I’ll help you heal from narcissistic trauma in months instead of years so that you create a life filled with peace, joy & love that sets your soul on fire! 

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Hey there,
I'm Alex.

It’s my mission to empower you to reclaim your life & step into your most authentic self. 

I was my own first client. Navigating my intense anxiety, people pleasing, codependency and trauma recovery, I healed my nervous system & embodied my authentic identity —one day at a time—and developed methods to create a life that has me waking up & thinking “pinch me, is this really my life?!” 

Here's my story


Let's heal from Narcissistic Abuse once & for all.


Breakup SOS

Dating Karma


30 days of daily check ins to commit to no contact, reclaim your life & move on from your toxic ex for good so that you feel good in your own skin & embrace self love!

8 week LIVE group program for the woman who is ready to meet her Mr. Right no matter what by embodying her authentic self & dating consciously! 

For the person who has begun their healing journey & is looking to go deeper into the inner work so that they develop unshakeable inner peace, confidence, self-love, & self-trust. This is for you if you are ready to dig into the inner work, desire accountability, & a high touch healing experience! 




"Alex is like the best friend and therapist everyone needs in their lives. She helped identify my self-limiting beliefs and really helped me tackle and heal from past hurts. I can confidently say I’m so much happier, I’m a lot more self-aware and in tune with my emotions and feelings, I’ve learned to love myself more, I've healed from a number of past wounds and have really been able to grow through my time with her."


"I accomplished more with Alex in 2 sessions than I did in 2 months with my previous counselor. And if we are being honest? I accomplished more in 12 weeks with Alex than I did in 5 years of therapy with 3 different therapists. I have tools to regulate my nervous system. My self awareness is authentic. I know why my own toxic traits were influencing my choices. And IF I get a trigger? I can get through it. Alex saved my life and got me to believe in my self again"


"Alex's coaching program opens up doors and opportunities for healing you never knew existed. She will get you moving forward and confronting your issues head on after the first session. I now recognize how truly important it is to practice mindfulness and self reflection in a fast-paced world. I do not regret investing in myself. I was able to nurture past wounds, heal my relationships, make new friends, gain confidence, and progress my marriage – all in a few short months."


Client Transformations

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