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Love Is Blind Reunion: How To Spot & Stop Your Toxic Relationship Cycles

We recap the important items from the previous 2 episodes of Love Is Blind AND unpack the Love Is Blind reunion! We see a HUGE lack of emotional intelligence with some of the individuals + the HOST (yep - we are not above calling out the Lachey's). We also discuss the way to spot your own toxic relationship cycles & explain the steps to put a stop to them!

Is Your Relationship Too Good To Be True? 

We explore what to do when looking for something to go wrong in your relationship when it feels like it is too good to be true & of course, we jump back into the mansion madness to check back in with what is happening on this season of ABC's The Bachelor with Zach Shallcross! We spot major signs of anxious attachment & deep insecurity that manifest as condescending & catty behaviors between the ladies.

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Lifelong childhood besties turned podcast cohosts!

Alex Scot is a certified dating & trauma informed narcissistic abuse recovery coach, as well as the founder of her signature coaching programs — Healing Hackers, Romance Rehab, & Narc Parent Recovery. She has a passion for the performing arts, loves baked goods, and has a mild addiction to scented candles.

Brianna is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) practicing in Massachusetts. She has her own private practice, Caring Connections Psychotherapy LLC, where she provides individual and couples’ psychotherapy. Outside of the love she has for the work she does, Brianna is passionate about intersectional feminism, finding that perfect balance of main character energy and best supporting character vibes, and making killer Spotify playlists. 

Alex & Bri have always been a ride or die friends through thick and thin! For them to be able to pass on their life lessons, tips & tricks when it comes to love is is nothing short of DESTINY!

Meet Your Hosts

hi, we're alex & bri.

This podcast is fantastic! Alex and Bri are both professionals who have a great rapport, which leads to their conversations being both funny and enlightening. They’re able to inject humor and personality alongside excellent relationship and personal development advice, while simultaneously recapping and analyzing populat reality TV. The result is a joy to listen to. Five stars!

This podcast is the real deal - genuine, honest, relevant, authentic and light hearted!

There are many moments I have laughed out loud as the hosts take us on a journey through the memories of their younger selves and navigating dating (via AOL AIM, obviously).

Funny, witty, smart
If you like chit chat and humor from two therapists infused with your relationship advice, and watch TV reality or would tolerate hearing about it, this is the podcast for you!! Brianna and Alex make long car rides faster and more fun.

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