Breakups suck.

Toxic relationships suck even more. But guess what? You're not here to dwell; you're here to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of heartbreak. 

🔥 30 Days to Your Breakup Revolution:
Say goodbye to the emotional chaos. 

My 30-day Breakup SOS program is your ultimate guide to commit to no contact, find inner peace, and reclaim your damn life ASAP so that you get back to feeling like your authentic self in no time. 

We're not just here to mend wounds; we're here to help you emerge stronger, bolder, and ready to rewrite your story with resilience! 

are you ready to break free from unhealthy relationship cycles?

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This program is your ticket to dust off the drama, rediscover your unapologetic self, and lay the foundations for a love life that's about to be epic. 

It's time to shake off the past, rise from the ashes, and thrive!

Breakup SOS is your guide to taking control, redefining your journey, and thriving post-heartbreak

Let's kick those breakup blues and unleash the badass you. 💋 

My journey to Breakup Freedom begins now

Rediscovering your passions, reigniting the flames of interests that once fueled your soul. Your energy is redirected toward things that make you glow, not those that drain your essence.

Yourself standing tall, unburdened by the pain of the past. No more settling for less than you deserve; you're ready to embrace the love and respect you've always craved.

Waking up with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to face the day with a confidence you thought was lost. No more dragging yourself through the morning; you're stepping into your own light.

The freedom of releasing toxic ties, feeling the weight lifted off your shoulders. No more replaying those damaging conversations in your mind; it's time for a mental cleanse.


This is the transformation awaiting you in Breakup SOS! 

I'm ready to make this my reality!

30 Days of Badass Trainings & Check Ins


VIDEO trainings

Self reflection exercises

Buckle up for recorded, step-by-step insights that kickstart your transformation. Each day a training will be delivered to your email inbox along with an exercise for you to do on your own time so that you heal from heartbreak & move on with ease. 

We're talking real talk, no sugar-coating, and all the empowerment you need to go no contact, soothe anxiety & ruminating thoughts, & move on for good! 

These trainings, journal prompts & self reflection exercises are designed to peel back the layers, unearth your strength, and help you rediscover your power so that you create a clear path to a brighter future & a life you thrive in! 




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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've tried all the things. How is this program different from others?

I mix evidence based techniques like EMDR, Somatic Experiencing & Internal Family systems with spiritual methods to provide a healing system that resonates with YOUR specific body & mind because healing is NOT one size fits all. Many of my competitors do not teach regulating the nervous system (aka emotional regulation) which is what allows us to actually exit survival mode & change our lives by "reprogramming" from the inside out. Without the nervous system work we return to our "default" habits, mindsets, & beliefs, which is why many have tried therapy or other coaches & feel they haven't made progress. My clients regularly report back that within 4-6 weeks they feel like a different person due to the nervous system work we do!

What results can I expect?

Your results are based on the action you take. I can guarantee that if you implement the strategies & exercises given in this program, your life WILL CHANGE, & you will feel secure, whole & at peace within yourself. I extensively cover evidence based methods for self healing, developing self-love, embracing your authentic self & managing emotions & survival states with ease. I also utilize some "woo woo" spiritual tactics to further promise your chances of success & embodiment of the principles taught within Healing Hackers. As long as you are open-minded, coachable, & eager for change, I promise you throughout this program you will feel more peaceful, happier, & confident than when you came into it!

Hi, I'm Alex!

Your go-to Toxic & Narcissistic Relationship Recovery coach but before we go any further there’s something I need to admit…

7 years ago I hit rock bottom after my relationship with my narcissistic ex and it left me questioning my worth, wondering where I went wrong & debating whether or not healthy love existed.

I was tired from unhealthy relationships and didn’t have the self-love or self-respect to know how to attract an aligned partner much less feel happy being single. 

I was constantly complaining to my friends because the pain from the toxic relationship left me feeling lost, confused, and alone. I was searching for answers on how to experience healthy love… 

That’s when I realized something…

The common denominator of all my failed relationships was…ME and it got me wondering:

Why’d I choose my narcissistic ex in the first place? What within me had me going back to a toxic relationship over & over again? 

At first, I just thought my “picker” was off, but I did some heavy self-reflection and realized I had habits, fears, and wounding that led me to choose unhealthy relationships and narcissistic partners. I knew if I didn’t do something about it, I’d keep repeating this same cycle of attracting toxic partners over and over again.

I decided to make a courageous change and accept the responsibility of healing myself and adopting healthy relationship skills so I could finally attract healthy partners and relationships into my life!

And I did just that! As I healed myself, the men I met on dates were more conscious, secure, communicative, healthy & stable.

Now, I help others just like you who are healing from toxic relationships find peace, clarity, confidence, and self-love so that they can move on from their toxic ex & create a love life they thrive in! 

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