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    Hi, I'm Alex!

    Your go-to Toxic & Narcissistic Relationship Recovery coach but before we go any further there’s something I need to admit…

    7 years ago I hit rock bottom after my relationship with my narcissistic ex and it left me questioning my worth, wondering where I went wrong & debating whether or not healthy love existed.

    I was tired from unhealthy relationships and didn’t have the self-love or self-respect to know how to attract an aligned partner much less feel happy being single. 

    I was constantly complaining to my friends because the pain from the toxic relationship left me feeling lost, confused, and alone. I was searching for answers on how to experience healthy love… 

    That’s when I realized something…

    The common denominator of all my failed relationships was…ME and it got me wondering:

    Why’d I choose my narcissistic ex in the first place? What within me had me going back to a toxic relationship over & over again? 

    At first, I just thought my “picker” was off, but I did some heavy self-reflection and realized I had habits, fears, and wounding that led me to choose unhealthy relationships and narcissistic partners. I knew if I didn’t do something about it, I’d keep repeating this same cycle of attracting toxic partners over and over again.

    I decided to make a courageous change and accept the responsibility of healing myself and adopting healthy relationship skills so I could finally attract healthy partners and relationships into my life!

    And I did just that! As I healed myself, the men I met on dates were more conscious, secure, communicative, healthy & stable.

    Now, I help others just like you who are healing from toxic relationships find peace, clarity, confidence, and self-love so that they can move on from their toxic ex & create a love life they thrive in! 

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