Healing Anxiety
Left From The Narcissist

It's time to get rid of the lingering anxiety that the narcissist left you with so that you can FEEL at peace ASAP & be able to move forward with your healing.

  • What anxiety is and where it comes from
  • What is happening in the nervous system when you’re experiencing anxiety
  • How to soothe & heal anxiety in minutes instead of days!


Hey there, I'm Alex!

I’ve spent the last 3 years helping survivors of narcissistic abuse just like you to go from feeling full of self-doubt, insecure, & hopeless to feeling grounded, confident & thriving!

Before I got totally savvy on healing from narcissistic trauma, I too used to feel insecure, unhappy, unlucky, scared, & hopeless. But then I got determined to heal my trauma so that I could live life on my terms & truly step into the friendships, relationships & career that I desired, & that determination was the beginning of my transformation.

I’ve spent the last 7+ years on my healing journey going from survivor of narcissistic abuse (from a parent & an ex) to feeling confident, grounded & in love with my life & who I authentically am. Now, I have the honor & privilege to coach people just like you on how to unwind the layers of trauma that have been holding them back from the life they want, so that they can thrive & live abundantly too!

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If you’re done feeling like the narcissist controls you, done feeling anxious & filled with self-doubt, done feeling lost in the emotional sauce, & done feeling like you keep being taken advantage of, then this masterclass is for you…and it is totally 100% FREE.

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